White Papers

Each year Jacob Stein teaches over 30 technical all-day asset protection seminars to lawyers and accountants. The following white papers are the components of the technical outline used for these seminars. While these white papers are geared more toward attorneys and CPAs, if you are interested in learning the more technical aspects of asset protection, this is what you want to read. These white papers are updated annually, to incorporate all changes in the law.


Part I: Overview of Asset ProtectionPart I
Overview of Asset Protection

Introductory overview of the goals of asset protection planning, what is possible, what is not possible and the threshold analysis of selecting appropriate structures.

Part II: Collecting on JudgementsPart II
Collecting on Judgements

Overview of common collection remedies employed by creditors, including liens on real estate, writs of execution and attachment and debtor’s exams.

Part III: Fraudulent Transfer LawsPart III
Fraudulent Transfer Laws

Fraudulent transfer laws are the biggest obstacle to asset protection planning. Learn when they will apply and what remedy will be afforded to the creditor.

Part IV: Planning for Married CouplesPart IV
Planning for Married Couples

Married couples can frequently utilize planning techniques not available to single people. Learn how to effectively utilize inter-spousal transfers.

Part V: Using Trusts in Asset ProtectionPart V
Using Trusts in Asset Protection

Trusts are the basic building block of any asset protection plan. Learn elements common to all asset protection trusts, weaknesses and planning options.

Part VI: Foreign TrustsPart VI
Foreign Trusts

Foreign trusts utilize the favorable laws of offshore jurisdictions. Increased protection from both a legal and a practical standpoint.

Part VII: Advanced Foreign Trust StructuresPart VII
Advanced Foreign Trust Structures

Advanced foreign trust structures utilize trust-LLC combos, advanced level trusts, trust-annuity combos and many other.

Part VIII: Overview of Legal EntitiesPart VIII
Overview of Legal Entities

Overview of various legal entities used in asset protection planning. Including LLCs, limited partnerships (family or standard), corporations and other.

Part IX: Charging Order Protection of LLCs and LPsPart IX
Charging Order Protection of LLCs and LPs

Learn why LLCs and limited partnerships are vastly superior to corporations, how to structure them and the best jurisdictions for formation.

Part X: Creative Planning with LLCsPart X
Creative Planning with LLCs

LLCs and limited partnership are exceptionally flexible and allow for very sophisticated planning. Series LLCs, poison pills, distribution blocks, and other.

Part XI: Planning in the Context of BankruptcyPart XI
Planning in the Context of Bankruptcy

While asset protection and bankruptcy planning have the same goal, they are usually incompatible. Learn how to protect assets when planning for an eventual BK.

Part XII: Retirement PlansPart XII
Retirement Plans

Many retirement plans, if properly structured, are exempt from claims of creditors. Learn which plans are protected and what to do with plans that are not protected.