Estate Planning

Klueger & Stein, LLP’s estate planning services range from preparing simple wills and durable powers of attorney, to designing and implementing comprehensive plans to transfer wealth to younger generation family members in ways that considers both personal and tax-saving goals.

We prepare wills and living trusts as the fundamental estate planning documents for clients. In those cases in which a client decides to create a living trust to avoid court-supervised probate administration, we advise clients about the transfer of assets and assist with transferring the main residence and other assets into the trust.

Many of our clients own closely held businesses that will be passed to younger generations. We assist clients in structuring the inter-generation transfer process, to allow participation by younger family members, without taking away the control of the older generation. Our attorneys also prepare agreements to control the management and disposition of business interests during lifetime and at death, including buy-sell agreements.

In addition to the basic estate planning tools such as the living trust, our attorneys have extensive experience drafting and implementing: